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With stock market volatility and uncertainty at an all time high, so is the need for experienced and accomplished financial expertise in your money manager.

Today the market is brutal to traditional investments of all kinds. That is why we seek out value and safety. Dividends and capital appreciation. Performance and returns.


We Are Gunderson Capital.

Our President, Bill Gunderson, has been featured in Fox News, Fox Business TV, Lou Dobbs, Megyn Kelly, David Asman, Barron's, Bloomberg Radio, Forbes, The Street, Los Angeles Business Journal, Phoenix Business Journal, Yahoo Finance, and dozens of others around the country.


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Our goal is to choose securities that we think have value, performance, AND safety. You get transparency.

Using our Gunderson grading system, Bill evaluates stocks and gives them a grade of "A"  by combining safety, value and performance. This are the types of securities we place in our portfolios at Gunderson Capital Management.

They might be right for you too.

Tough Times. Good investments.

We do not predict the future. Our goal is to manage risk.

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We are transparent here at Gunderson Capital. Every week in our newsletter we show what we are holding, buying and selling.  And why.

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The opinions expressed are those of Bill Gunderson. Bill Gunderson is President of Gunderson Capital Mgt. Inc. Employees and clients of Gunderson Capital Mgt. Inc. may buy or sell securities mentioned without prior notice. Past Performance does not indicate future results. Performance results include dividends paid, BUT DO NOT INCLUDE TRANSACTION COSTS OR MANAGEMENT FEES. The opinions expressed do not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell securities. Investing involves risk and you should consult your own investment advisor, accountant, or attorney before investing in anything.


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