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I learn about stocks everywhere I go: On the streets. At the store. Watching TV.

I needed good information about a stocks performance and its prospects at my fingertips.  But everything else was too complicated. Or the information was not good enough.

Investors need more. Info like:

  • What are the best stocks in the market right now?
  • What are the best asset classes in the market right now? The worst?
  • What are the best sectors in the market right now? The worst?

That’s why I created the Best Stocks Now app. Now when I see the long lines at Ross Stores, I can use the Best Stocks Now app to see that Ross is not just a good store, it is a good stock.

I created the Best Stocks Now App because no other financial news app gave me the information I wanted. When I wanted it. How I wanted it.

Try a free demo now.

And now it is a Top 10 Best Selling app in the World!

Here are two of the reasons why:  In April and May or 2013, I wrote about how the App picked two stocks as my top pick in the market. The next week, both were the biggest gainers for that day.

Check out the details, here.

Now when I see the members of the President’s Jobs Council on TV news talk about what they are going to do to help create jobs, I check their record with their companies. In talked about that on Fox Business: Members of the President’s Jobs Council have dismal records on creating jobs and growth in their own companies.

It is amazing how many people use the Best Stocks Now app for that reason alone: Deciphering financial news.

But the Best Stocks Now app is a tool for investors. Whether you manage your own or you use the services of someone like Gunderson Capital Management, the Best Stocks Now app gives you my ratings and other information to make you a better investor.

Here’s what one of our Best Stocks Now users says:

“I can say so far after a month Mr. Bills app for best stocks now has really open my eyes. I am not sure what settings you have programmed to pick the stocks, but PLEASE do NOT change the way the app is picking stock. “

And it is easy to use. Here’s how we help:


Value investors ignore momentum.

Momentum investors ignore value.

I have found that Momentum plus Value is a very powerful combination!

In addition to this, it is a fact that stocks have life-cycles.

Cisco is way beyond its prime.

GE is a stodgy old stock of yesteryear.

I want to own the Best Stocks Now.


Every day I rank almost 3,000 stocks, ETF’s, and closed-end funds.

I want the best performing stocks in the market.

I also want stocks that still have a lot of upside potential.

I begin by analyzing short-term, intermediate-term, and long-term (where possible) performance of a stock.

I assign each stock a proprietary, momentum grade, and overall performance grade.

I update earnings estimates (where possible) daily and calculate my own 5 year target price on the stocks that I follow.

I use the same valuation formula that I used as a stock analyst.

eps est. x multiple = target price

I also like to see how the stock fared during the 2008 market sell-off.

I combine these three factors into an overall Gunderson Grade.

That is what I use when I appear in Forbes or Barron’s or Fox business or Bloomberg. Easy information, right at my fingertips.

When it comes to growth stocks, I only consider stocks that have a grade of A- or better.

This represents the top 7-8% of the entire market. These are stocks often over-looked in the financial media.  Some are little known and ignored.

Others are well known and discounted far too much. On November 28, 2011, I wrote in MarketWatch about the “cheapest quality growth stock in the entire market.

Other analysts were saying the stock had a nice run, but after reaching record highs, this stocks day was done.  And it was time to sell or look elsewhere for high growth.

That stock was Apple. It was trading at $363.  Ten months later, Apple is at $680. I sold AAPL at $630. And everyone with the Best Stocks Now ap could see it.

I used the Best Stocks Now app for that — and other opportunities. Especially when I am writing regular columns for MarketWatch,, Seeking Alpha, and other financial and news publications.

Another user of the Best Stocks Now app says:

Bill — Have been listening to your radio show for about 9 mos. Got your Newsletter a few mos ago and now the app– what great tools. Your grading system makes more sense than anything I have come across– The proof is in the pudding – even the last couple “down days” in the market with a mix of your grade A and B stocks, I have been up significantly, love core labs, terra nitrogen, apple etc. Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge. Mel

When it comes to income-oriented investments, I like to own positions that are ranked B+ or better.

How important is it to know where the Best Stocks Now are on a daily basis?

It is absolutely vital!

It is also important to be out of the worst areas of the market.

Commodity related stocks rise when the dollar falls.

Emerging markets submerge when the dollar rises.

The app will point you in the right direction during the various market cycles.

My database is divided up by risk profile and market capitalization.

Are you an aggressive growth investor?

Then let’s invest in the very best aggressive growth stocks that we can find.

We usually find such stocks in the small-cap arena.

I like to have about 25 on my roster.

Are you a moderate or conservative growth investor?

These stocks are generally found amongst the mid-caps and large-cap stocks.

Let’s find the very best ones to fill up our roster.

There is no room for has-beens or unproven rookies. I avoid mediocrity like the plague. Sorry General Electric!

Are you more interested in income investing? I like a little growth along with my income where possible.

Let’s find the very best growth and income stocks.

Even with highly rated stocks, I still let the chart help me with my entry point.

I don’t like buying extended stocks and I don’t like buying dead stocks.

I like to buy good stocks when they pull back or break out.

Once I own my stocks, I check them every day.

I would love to own them for a long time, but this is obviously not always possible. Apple is a great example: Its still a great company. Just not a great stock. Not now.

I check the momentum and performance grade daily.

I check the valuation grade daily.

I check the overall grade daily.

If my stock starts to drop in rank, it is a warning sign.

Lastly and most importantly, I check a one-year chart daily.

I do not like trend breaks.

I do not like the formation of descending tops.

I do not like bad news on a similar in the same neighborhood.

I do not like bad news on my stock.

I use the Best Stocks Now app to help me stay current.

While I strive to own a stock for months and even years, I am not afraid to move on when I feel it is appropriate.

I do my best to keep the best stocks in my portfolio at all times.

The Best Stocks Now App will be an invaluable tool in helping you to create and manage your portfolio.

Bill, you have the best financial newsletter I have ever read. I love the graphics! Keep up the good work. Bob

It may really surprise you as to where the Best Stocks Now are!

So try the free demo now.