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Betting on Apple and a strong dollar through NXP Semiconductor.
Chip Maker Avago Rated A 'Strong Buy'
Playing India And Health Care At The Same Time.
The Best Way To Get Into The Drug-Distribution Space.
FDA Gives Investors Another Reason To Like DexCom
Putting The Spotlight On Illumina
How I Am Investing In Low-Priced Oil
Is This Market Telling Us It's Time To Panic?
FedEx Shares Will Continue To Deliver
Apple Is Not The Key To This Soaring Semiconductor
Biogen's Alzheimer's Surprise
U.S. Ends QE, But Rest Of The World Thinks Otherwise.
Economy Gets A Boost From Falling Oil Prices.
If You're Looking For Big Pharma, Look No Further Than Actavis
A Small-Cap Stock That's Not So Spooky
Who Will Win, The Bulls or the Bears?
Not Just Another Ebola Stock
Caution Is The Name Of The Game
FedEx Delivers
Lam Research is Cashing In on Chips
Let Rail Cars Deliver The Returns
The Birth Of Three New Bull Markets
For Stocks, It's Starting To Feel Like Fall.
Three Stocks That May Benefit From Data Breaches
Is The Market Ripe For a Correction?
What Does Horton Deal Mean For Burger King Stock?
Why Is Priceline Investing In This Stock?
Ignore Cisco, Emerging Markets Are Outperforming.
If You're Picking An MLP, This Is The One To Pick.
Baidu's Mobile Move Should be a Win For Investors.
Biogen Results Crush Consensus.
Apple Supplier Flying High.
What Should I Do With My 401(k) Now?
Why I Prefer Dividend-Paying Stocks Like Wells Fargo.
Why I Am Buying Gold Stocks Right Now.
Will The iWatch Be a Game Changer For Apple?
Solving The Mystery of Asset Allocation.
Another Good Find in Specialty Pharma
Revised GDP Numbers Raise More Questions
Don't Let Iraq Scare You Into Buying Gold
Measuring The Iraq Effect On World Markets.
There's More To Apple's Story Than The Split.
Here Is My Take On The Apple Stock Split.
How Centene Is Defying This Market.
Did Buffett Buy The Wrong Railroad?
Proof There Are Still Opportunities in This Market.
Political Reform Is Driving Emerging-Market Opportunity.
These Are The Stock-Market Sectors To Avoid.
New Leadership Brings New Opportunity.
Wells Fargo is Giving Investors Something to Talk About.
What Happens When You Mix Coffee With Coke?
If You're Looking For Fun, This Stock Has It.
Forget Keystone, Check Out This Pipeline Owner.
This Airline Stock is Ready to Take Flight.
Is Time Warner Cable good for Comcast?
There's a Better Way to Invest in Smart Tech.

Health-Care-Related Stocks Keep on Giving
One Hot Sector That Continues to Deliver

Let Illumina Brighten Up Your Portfolio

Why Would DuPont Let This Winner Get Away?

Colfax Keeps Politicians and Investors Happy

Actavis Continues Pharmaceuticals  Dominance

Old Dominion Puts The Pedal To The Metal

Not All Pharmaceuticals are Created Equal

A Junkyard Stock That I Owe
Biotechs Continue to Pay Off

Is It Wise to Own Stock in a Company With no Profits?

Going Cool On Solar Stocks

Dow one million?

From Tiny Akorns Grow Mighty Oaks?
Is TripAdvisor another

Is There Any Upside Left in Facebook?
EOG Resources Soars On Oil, Gas Surge.
The Next Big Pharma
How is Opko Health is my No. 1 stock?
Does Yum Brands pass the taste test?
One of the great stocks of the decade
The big winner that no on is talking about
What makes the top of my top-stocks list?
As Oil Prices So Does This Market Leader.
Syria May Spur a Pick From the Oil Patch.
Is It Smart to Follow Billionaire Investors?
BHP as an Example Against Contrarian Investing.
Is MasterCard The Next $1,000 Stock?
Are You Invested In The Right Area Of The Market?
Can This Biotech Double Its Price Again?
One Of The Great Undiscovered Stocks of The Decade.
Thor Thrives While Apple Remains Dead Money.
Sideways Market Can't Stop This Stocks Climb.
Ocwen Is Breaking Out Again.
One Biotech That Shouldn't Be Missed.
One of the Decade’s Best Stocks Not Named Apple.
Don't Think About Selling Your Stocks Yet.
Old Dominion keeps on truckin' to the upside..
Meet the hottest of the red-hot biotechs
My top stocks pick.
Time to get Prestige Brands into your portfolio.
Tractor Supply Looks Like a Buy Here.
Do You Believe In The Housing Rebound?
When do the Bears Admit They Are Wrong
The Bull Need Not Fear Cypru
Are We In a Market Bubble
Even Prison Stocks Are Breaking Ou
Downton Abbey and Canadian Railroads

A small-cap all-star
Apple is dead money for now
One semiconductor stock tops them all
Still too soon to get back into Apple.
The Cheapest Tech Stock in the Market?

Dark Clouds Hang Over This IPO
People Love Their Pets, I Love PetSmart
I Love Visa
Don’t like U.S. banks? Look south
Finding growth and a dividend in an MLP
A red-hot sector for your portfolio
My favorite stocks in this year's hottest sector
Is it time to Romnify your portfolio?
Lowe's vs. Home Depot
Is Hewlett-Packard a value investor’s dream?
A flourishing stock in a lousy economy
A health-care stock that’s flying
The best stock play on obesity
A great tech play that isn’t a tech play
Sell everything
Cashing in on the smartphone revolution
4 stocks that love plunging oil prices
Hedging your portfolio with inverse funds
Are you rotating along with the market?
Monster is still my favorite energy stock
How to identify top stocks like Dollar Tree
Brief correction threat over
Selling rules ease pain during meltdowns
Correction arrives as key trend line breaks
How to handle a correction
Important Q1 trends and Q2 predictions
Chinese gamer tops 10-year charts
Bond market gets rocked
Momentum stocks gone wild!
Apple brings value and momentum together
Time to get back into Green Mountain
Alexion is a great growth story
Yum delivers
Amazon's PE still ridiculous
A Very Healthy Dividend Payer
Is Apple still the cheapest growth stock?
Best growth and income stock
Cisco breaks Out
Do you Yahoo?
Do-it-yourself economy drives tractor stock
The growth stock of the decade
The dividend stock of the decade
Coal shares for a greener portfolio
Does anyone shop at Sears anymore?
Is Yum the next McDonald's?
Amazon is one expensive stock
BCE superior to AT&T
Rugged American stock delivers gains
Ross Stores is the stock to beat
Time for new management at GE
A cheap growth stock? Apple
Look for Dollar Tree to double — again





Disney's a Big, Strong Stock in a Small World After All
Akorn: the Pharmaceutical Stock You Can't Afford to Ignore.
How To Spot The Bear Lurking in This Current Bull Market.
Centene Continues to Capitalize on Obamacare and So Will You.
Brazil and Oil Among Winning Sectors in U.S. Despite World Turmoil.
Taiwan Semiconductor's Ties To Apple Are a Double-Edge Sword.
When Will The Bull Market End? Keep Your Eye On The Small-Caps.
Risky Business: Many Factors Causing the Market's "Risk Off" Move.
Buy Taiwan Semi as it Gets a Bigger Piece of Apple's Pie.
Here's Why You Should Invest in Taiwan Semiconductor.
Why SolarCity Is Shining Once Again For Investors.
Priceline Was a Winner for Investors Even Before OpenTable.
Think United Rentals, Union Pacific For Ways To Exploit Market Trends For Profit.
Illumina Is How You Play Biotech Without Being In Biotech.
Look Abroad When You Have An American Trendless Market
India's Bull Market Is a Better Bet For Your Investment Dollars.
What Drives Investors to Tata? Tesla's Valuation
Using Proofpoint for Hand to Hand Combat With the Hackers
Jazz Pharma Still Making Investors Sing.
What Financial Jitters? I'm Buying Lifelock
Contrarian Investing Led Me To Salix Pharmaceuticals

Actavis Leads the Way

Colfax: One of the Few Industrial Sector Winners

Old Dominion Freight Just Keeps on Trucking

Valeant Is Having a Healthy Run

LKQ Is in the Fast Lane to Profits
Anacor Pharmaceuticals Is Not for Everyone

DexComm Is a Healthy Choice

Pentair Cleans Up
Being in the Right Asset Class, at the Right Time

Something New Under the Sun
From Little Akorn Grows a Great Stock
TripAdvisor Might Be The Next Stock Of The Decade.
Tesla's Valuation Drives Me Crazy.
With Twitter Be an IPO All-Star?
Why Bonanza Creek Energy Is My Favorite Oil Stock
Opko Health Is What the Doctor Ordered.
YUM! Is Far From Appetizing
Dow Picked Goldman Sachs, but Investors Should Pass
Discovering Tractor Supply
A Stock That's More Than Skin Deep
Buy Pandora Despite the Secondary Offering
A Stock That's All in the Packaging
A Well-Rooted Retail Investment
Old Dominion Freight Delivers Its Weight.
Awesome Ocwen
Charging Into Visa
EOG Is Flourishing and So Can You.
Drilling Deeper to Find an Oil Play
Is This Stock a Winner? (TIS)
What This Red-Hot Stock Has to Do With Angelina Jolie.
Is Your 401-(k) In All The Right Places?
For Auto Parts, This Stock is a TEN.
How To Play The Rebound In Housing.
An Argument Against Asset Allocation.
A Red-Hot Containerboard Stock.
Health Care Stocks: Performance Plus Value.
Sodastream Could Be a Threat to 'Big Soda
What's Your Exit Strategy?
This Omaha Stock Blows Away Berkshire Hathaway.
Biotech Is Where the Bucks Are.
Take This Taxi to Profit.
W. W. Granger:  Almost One Million Reasons to Buy
My Biggest Worry About This Current Market
eBay grows up
A Cross-Border Battle With Some Pop
Apple Is Cheap, but Ocwen Is Even Cheaper!
Daily Newspapers Can Be Hazardous to Your Health
Solar Panels Don't Work
Obama Says We Have Enough Pipelines - I Disagree!
A Coal Stock That Could Soar With a Romney Win
This Housing Recovery Is Real
Al Gore Walks Away From Green Energy
A Bank That Has Delivered 33% a Year For 10 Years.

Time to Go to Cash in Your 401(k)?

The Best Performing Asset Under Obama
Attention Sears Holdings Shoppers: Go to TJX!
Is Your 401(k) Ignoring These Hot Sectors?
Rush to Judgment Hurt Carbonite
Guns Are Still Better Than Gold
REIT + Health Care = Hot Stock0
Are You Guilty of Panic Selling?
Why Are You Sitting in Cash?
My Favorite Tech Stock Rocks - Even in This Market0
New Stock, ETF Leaders to Weather Europe's Storms
Buy Facebook? Wait Until Next Year
How to Avoid Crashing as Market Rotates
Why Apple Should Replace Cisco in the Dow
3 Hot Stocks for a Sideways Market
The Best Stocks to Own (Hint: They Are Not the Most Widely Held)




Advanced Semiconductor: In The Apple Watch And More.
It Has Paid To Know JACK
Go, Go, Avago
Cognizant: A Way To Play India And Healthcare
Here's What McDonald's New CEO Needs To Know.
AmerisourceBergen Seeing Its Fastest Growth In 5 Years.
DexCom: More Good News For Diabetes Patients And Shareholders.
Shedding Light On Illumina
How I Am Invested In Low Priced Oil.
Is It Time To Panic?
Expect FedEx To Continue To Rebound
Skyworks Soaring On More Than Apple
Biogen's Alzheimer Surprise
QE Ends In U.S. But Resumes Elsewhere.
Are Plunging Oil Prices Hurting The Market?
DexCom Still A Favorite Diabetes Stock
Actavis Says "Let's Make A Deal"
West Pharmaceuticals: A Little Giant In The Pharma Sector
A Small-Cap Buy That's Not So Spooky
Bulls Vs. Bears: Who Will Win?
Is The Market Setting Up For A Big Fall?
Do You Know JACK?
FedEx Delivers
A Bizarre Pharma Love Triangle
I Continue To LOVE Railroad Stocks Like This One
Lam Research is Cashing In On Chips
The Birth Of 3 New Bull Markets
3 Companies That Stand To Benefit From Recent Cyber Security Issues.
Is the Market Ripe For A 30-60% Correction?
Why Is Priceline Investing In This Stock?
I Continue To Like Diabetes Stocks.
Magellan Midstream: Steady Income And Capital Appreciation.
The Emerging Markets Are Now Outperforming The U.S. Market.
Is A Bear Lurking?
Baidu: Investment in Mobile Paying Off For Company.
Biogen's Results Cure Some Pain
Why I prefer Dividend-Paying Stocks Like Wells Fargo.
When Will U.S. Energy Independence Day Come?
Why I'm Buying Gold Stocks Right Now.

Is Dow 17,000 The Top?
Salix Pharmaceutical: A Good Find In Specialty Pharma (SLXP)
Is The U.S. Economy Headed For Recession?
Is It Time To Buy Gold Now?
Old Dominion Freight Lines Delivers Again.
My Favorite Energy Stock

Continental Resources: Leaking Energy Stock To Replace Biotech This Year.
The Market Is Now In Love With Low P/E, Dividend-Paying Stocks Like This One.

Is Biogen A Value Stock Yet?
As The Market Shifts Away From High PE To Low PE Stocks, Qualcomm Is Breaking Out To New Highs.
Bofi Holdings Inc. - Online Banking Is Here To Stay.
Ligand Pharmaceuticals: A Biotech Cash Cow
It’s All In A Workday.
My Money Is On Elon Musk.
A Steady Income Stream And Big Capital Appreciation Over The Years - The Best Of Both Worlds.
Tesla 5-Year Target Price $465
Boost Your Portfolio With Some "Alaskan Spirit"

Things Are Looking Up For Orbcomm.
NXP Semiconductors Has Delivered 25% Per Year Over The Last 3 Years.

A Stock That Continues To Rise Along With Diabetes.

Secure Your Portfolio With a LOCK

I Found This Company Before Angelina Jolie Did

DuPont Allowed THIS Winner To Get Away?

Pharma Stocks Like Actavis Continue To Dominate At The Start Of 2014

A Stock That Keeps On Truckin'

Pfizer Is Old News, But Valeant Isn't

A Junkyard Stock That's One of The Market's Best Performers!
An Eczema Stock That Keeps Breaking Out
I Own This Stock That Has Yet To Make A Profit.

Do Your Stocks Pass My Filter System As Well As This One?

From Little Akorns Grow Mighty Oaks?

An Emerging Powerhouse Stock

A New Leading Sector In The Market: Oil And Gas Exploration.
The Next Best Big Pharma?
My Favorite Stock Right Now: Opko Health
The DJIA Picked Goldman Sachs - Should You?
Tractor Supply: One Of The Great Stocks Of The Decade
Nu Skin: The New Ruler In The Land Of Novell
Buy Into Pandora's Secondary Offering?
Invest In The Box Your Computer Came In, Not Your Computer
Wal-Mart Was Once A Great Stock Like Dollar Tree
Why Did It Take So Long To Add Visa To The Dow?
As Oil Prices Rises, So Does This Market Leader.
Orchid Paper: Not Exactly A Household Name Like Apple, But Check Out This Performance.
Is It Better To Buy Into Strength Or Weakness? The Argument Against Contrarian Investing.
MasterCard: The Next $1,000 Stock?
What Does This Red-Hot Stock Have To Do With Angelina Jolie?
Are you invested in the right area of the market?
Is Your 401-K In All The Right Places?
Can This Stock Double Again?
Tenneco Looks Like a 10 To Me.
An Argument Against Asset Allocation.
I Can Barely Contain Myself On This Red-Hot Small Cap.
A Stock Breaking out Despite A Market Consolidation.
Performance Plus Value In A Leading Sector.
A Full Pipeline At Alkemes
A Threat to Big Soda?
A Good Value in the Biotech Sector.
One ot The Decade's Biggest Winning Stock.
What's Your Exit Strategy?
Time to Head For The Safety of The Harbor?
This Omaha Stock Blows Away  Berkshire Hathaway.
Nailing Big Winners In The Market.
My Number One Ranked Stock.
W. W. Grainger Inc. Almost One Million Reasons to Buy.
Tractor Supply, Farmers Don't Go Away In May.
The Bull Is Now 49 Months Old: What Is Its Current Health?
Do You Believe In The Housing Rebound Now
When Do The Bears Admit They Are Wrong
Why Cyprus Does Matter
Are We In a Market Bubble
Downton Abbey and Canadian National Railwa
Lumber Liquidators: An All-Star Small-Cap Stoc
American Coca-Cola Vs. Mexican Cola

I Love My Visa Stock
A Bank Stock That Turned $10K Into $139K
Jobs Are Being Created In Ohio By Companies Like Chart Industries
Lowe's Vs. Home Depot
Hewlett-Packard Is A Value Investor's Dream
Guns Still Better Than Gold!
A Healthcare Stock That Is Flying High
A Tech-Related Stock With Fat Returns And A Healthy Dividend
There Will Be A Correction
NetEase Is Top Performer Of The Last Decade
It Is Time For Bond Alternatives
Why Would Anyone Still Own Cisco?
Preparing Your Portfolio For Possible Mid-East Turmoil
Priceline Remains A Powerhouse Stock
Why It's Hard To Go Wrong With Caterpillar
EZCorp: A Financial Stock With Returns As Good As Apple's
Visa: A Great IPO
Valuing Coca-Cola Ahead Of Earnings
Watch For Ford On The Dip
Southern Copper Corp.: Nothing Wrong With An 8% Dividend Yield
Biotech Stocks On A Tear: I Like Celgene
Is Google Breaking Out?
Exxon Mobil Breaking Out
My Favorite Drug Stock
How Does First Solar Survive?
Golar LNG Has More Than Tripled Over the Last 12 Months
The Non-Tech Stock That's Clobbered Apple
It Just Gets Better At Kinder Morgan
A Good Environment For Dividend And Growth Stocks
After The Turnaround For Domino's Pizza, Too Late To Buy Shares?
Clean Harbors' Superior Performance Should Continue
Should Investors Buy Wal-Mart For The Holidays?
IBM A Shrewd Buy For Buffett
Home Depot, Lowe's Or Tractor Supply? Reviewing Home Improvement Stocks
Now That The Bear Alert Has Passed, Here's What I Am Buying
Brasil Foods, A Great Way To Invest In Brazil's Booming Economy Can It Remain A Great Stock?
My Current Take On Qualcomm
Enterprise Products: Dividends Plus Growth
First Solar: Investors Continue To Get Burnt In Solar Companies
GE Dividend Vs. McDonald's Dividend: Both Companies Report Today
Kinder Morgan's El Paso Acquisition Is A Smart Move
Apple Vs. Amazon: Who Do You Vote For?
Kinder Morgan: For Dividends and Growth
How Would VF Corp. Look In Your Portfolio Right Now?
It's Not Too Late To Hedge Your Portfolios
Church & Dwight Clobbers Procter & Gamble Among Consumer Staples
Dividends Plus Growth Equals 'The Best of Both Worlds'
Quality Systems: One Of The Best Stocks In The Entire Market
Continue To Adjust Your Portfolios For A Bear Market
Pawnshops Over Bank Of America
The Last Word On Apple: Numbers Don't Lie
Autozone Gets An 'A' With Ease
Sturm, Ruger Looks Better Than Gold
The Bull Is Dead: Now What?
If the Bull Is Dead, What Should You Do Now?
First Cash Financial: Great Stock in a Bad Economy
Seaboard Better Than Berkshire Hathaway
Bullish on Carbo Ceramics
Value Investing vs. Momentum Investing: Where Do You Stand?






Advanced Semiconductor: In The Apple Watch and More.
It Has Paid To Know JACK
Go, Go, Avago
It's All Greek To Me
Cognizant: A Way To Play India And Healthcare.
Here's What McDonald's New CEO Needs To Know
AmerisourceBergen: Seeing Its Fastest Growth In 5 Years.
DexCom: More Good News For Diabetes Patients ... And Shareholders.
How I Am Investing In Low-Priced Oil
Welcome To 2015... Is It Time To Panic?

FedEx Will Deliver!
Skyworks Soaring On More Than Apple
Biogen's Alzheimer Surprise
Passing the QE Baton
Will Plunging Oil Prices Hurt The Market?
The Medical Device Company You Can't Miss
Actavis Says "Let's Make A Deal"
West Pharmaceuticals: A Little Giant In The Sea Of Pharma
Let American Capitalism Cure Ebola
Bulls Vs. Bears: Who Will Win?
Not Just Another Ebola Stock
Is The Market Setting Up For a Big Fall?
Do You Know JACK?
FedEx Set to Deliver!
A Bizarre Love Triangle in Pharma. I Like All Three.
A Good Way To Play The Keystone Pipeline Debate
Lam Research is Cashing In On Chips
The Birth Of 3 New Bull Markets
Remembering the Spring of 2009.
Will Petrobras Flourish Under Privatization?
Three Companies that are Hack Attackers
Ready For A Correction?
Boycott Burger King?
Why Is Priceline Investing In This Stock?
Killing an Economy 101
As Global Tensions Rise, What's An Investor To Do?
Magellan Midstream: Steady Income and Capital Appreciation.
The Emerging Markets Are Now Outperforming The U.S. Market!
What Should I Do With My 401-(k) Now?
When Will The Bull Market End? Keep Your Eye on the Small Caps.
Wealth Management, as Well as Financial Emotional Therapy
A Junkyard Stock That's One of The Market's Best Performers!
ANAC - Pharma Continues To Be a Great Investment

2013: The Year Biotech and Pharma Saved the Stock Market.
The Water Stock That Passes MY Filter System

Being in the Right Asset Class, at the Right Time

The Solar Stocks Have Had a Great Year. Time To Get In?
TAXI - Sequel
Dow One Million? How and When?
From Little Akorns Grow Mighty Oaks?
The Next Stock of the Decade?

Oil Stocks Like This Leaving Solar Stocks In Its Wake!
The Next Best Big Pharma?
Another great Obamacare play.
In Many States You Can Now Use Food Stamps at Taco Bell. Is it Helping YUM! Brands?
The DJIA picked Goldman Sachs-Should you?
Tractor Supply: One Of The Great Stocks Of The Decade
This Healthcare Stock Could Go Over $100... Soon
Buy in to Pandora’s Secondary Offering?
Walmart was once a great stock like Dollar Tree
A cheap stock that has delivered an average of 21.4% per year over the last ten years!
A Company that has Been Lining the Pockets of Its Shareholders for Years.
Why Did It Take So Long To Add Visa To The Dow?
As oil prices rise, so does this market leader.
Another Reason For Worry in the Market
This Stock is not Exactly a Household Name Like Apple, but...
Autos Still Strong


The opinions expressed are those of Bill Gunderson. Bill Gunderson is President of Gunderson Capital Mgt. Inc. Employees and clients of Gunderson Capital Mgt. Inc. may buy or sell securities mentioned without prior notice. Past Performance does not indicate future results. Performance results include dividends paid, BUT DO NOT INCLUDE TRANSACTION COSTS OR MANAGEMENT FEES. The opinions expressed do not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell securities. Investing involves risk and you should consult your own investment advisor, accountant, or attorney before investing in anything.

If You're Looking For Big Pharma, Look No Further Than Actavis

Welcome To 2015... Is It Time To Panic?

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