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May 11, 2013

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Expert Financial Guidance: Now more than ever.

With stock market volatility at an all time high, the need for experienced and accomplished guidance is also at an all time high. Today the market is brutal to traditional investments of all kinds. That is why we seek out value and safety. Dividends and capital appreciation. Performance and returns.

Tough Times. Good investments.

We don’t fight the market. We ride it. Housing stocks were good for a while in 2013. Then they were not. We got out. For 15 months starting in early 2012, biotech’s, pharmaceuticals and internet stocks were hot, hot, hot. Then they were not. We got out.

We do not predict the future. We manage risk.

Tell us about your portfolio. Last year the S&P was up 26 percent. Many of our clients enjoyed total returns in the 40 percent range during that time. The big pension funds go on TV and brag about getting 16 percent.

We are transparent here at Gunderson Capital. Every week in our newsletter we show what we are holding, buying and selling.  And why.

2013 was a year for growth stocks. Today is different. The market is screaming for value. So that is where we are too.

From Bill Gunderson

“Not only do they drag your portfolio down, many of them have gone backwards for years,” Bill Gunderson told Forbes. “General Electric is probably one of the most widely held, well known stocks in the world … If you look at GE over the last 10 years, it is down 60 percent during that period of time. On the other hand, during that same time, you have a stock like Priceline (PCLN) that is up 600 percent.”

Bill Gunderson, Forbes.

We choose The Best Stocks Now.

We are Gunderson Capital Management. San Diego Magazine named us a “Top Wealth Manager” for three years in a row.  Our President, Bill Gunderson, has been featured in Fox News, Fox Business TV, Lou Dobbs, Megyn Kelly, David Asman, Barron’s, Bloomberg Radio, Forbes, The Street, Los Angeles Business Journal, Phoenix Business Journal, Yahoo Finance, and dozens of others around the country.

We don’t put our clients in big, sexy stocks with media-savvy CEO’s and dismal records of delivering profits to owners.

We choose value. We choose performance. We choose safety. You get transparency.

When Apple was at $250, people laughed when Bill Gunderson said it would go to $500. When Apple was at $360 in August of 2011, Gunderson wrote in that Apple would double again. He sold it at $630.

Is that the kind of performance you are getting?

Long before anyone in the media ever heard of Solyndra, Bill Gunderson was wondering why the President was visiting a company whose own auditor said it was “not a going concern.”

 Megyn Kelly of Fox News said Bill Gunderson was the only one paying attention. On the air, she said:

 “Bill Gunderson was telling us about Solyndra months before President Obama touted it as the company of the future.

 “You had been reporting on it when most of us were not paying attention.”

 “You, unlike most of us, were paying attention long before. And you must be scratching your head wandering how others did not see the red flags you saw.”

 Is that the kind of analysis and expertise you are getting?

In volatile times, we aren’t afraid to hedge our portfolios with inverse ETF’s that go up when their underlying indexes or sectors go down.

It used to be very difficult to hedge a portfolio. You had to short individual stocks or purchase options. You also needed a margin agreement or options agreement. In addition to this, many custodians would not let you short stocks in an IRA account.

Now with the advent of inverse ETF’s  it is very easy to hedge or un-hedge a portfolio.

Using our proprietary Gunderson rating system, we have tons of “A” rated stocks that we put in portfolios at Gunderson Capital Management.

They might be right for you too.

Find out for yourself.

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Bill Gunderson is a wealth manager, syndicated financial talk show host, and author of the Best Stocks Now -- one of the top 10 best selling financial aps in the world. He is a frequent guest on local and national media, including CNBC, Fox Business, Fox News, Bloomberg, Barron's, Forbes, and others. His wealth management business caters to high net worth individuals clients all over the world. He would be happy to look at your portfolio.

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